Our winemaking team is small, but mighty. They are tirelessly committed to producing interesting, hand-crafted wines with a sense of provenance, lower alcohol and brighter acidity levels. They seek out passionate and devoted growers who know their land, and farm it with pride and attention to detail.

Every wine that our team makes is vinified using the same time-honored techniques: small lots handled with minimal intervention, native yeast fermentations, and no crushing, pumping, fining, or filtering.

Our wines benefit from the nuance of tightly grained, French oak barrels that highlight savory notes, elevate the wine’s natural aromatics and provide a framework for the subtle aromas that make a wine a great wine.

Whether working with a legendary vineyard or a site just coming into its own, our wines retain a sense of the earth, climate and farming from where they came.

“The word ‘artisanal’ may be overused and often abused but we try to lend it credence.”

– Dan Fitzgerald, Winemaker